Vana Tallinn Elegance

Vana Tallinn Elégance

This is an expression of Liviko´s liqueur artisans craftsmanship over a hundred years. The rare aged rum from the island of Martinique blended with Vana Tallinn liqueur and infused with the finest spices you could find. Grand aroma with a hint of smokiness applaud the velvety character of Vana Tallinn. Meet the finest skills and attention to details – Vana Tallinn Elégance is a sophisticated choice for passionate connoisseurs.


Bottled by hand with the greatest care. The regal glass bottle reflects its dark copper colour with a hint of mahogany.

Aroma and flavour

Feel the bouquet that is so intense and clear like the Northern skies and the finest spices so hot like the Caribbean sun. The first note reveals the aroma and taste of a burnt caramel, roasted nuts, a bit of marzipan and dark chocolate as a delicate treat. The experience goes on with raisins, orange peel and sweet spices, until the play of flavours culminates with the ending taste – the zesty orange peel and a hint of roasted coffee. An excellent balance of aged Caribbean origin rhum agricole, liqueur and the finest spices.


Vana Tallinn Elégance is the best served in a crystal tumbler over a large ice cube or neat in a snifter glass. An excellent complement to a robust and forceful Nicaraguan or Dominican cigars. You might also like it combined with coffee or a dessert including dark chocolate or nuts

Packaging information

Vana Tallinn Elégance 40% vol. 500 ml 6 per case