Vana Tallinn Signature


Vana Tallinn Signature is bottled by hand and marks a jubilee – the production of the 100 millionth bottle of Estonia’s most famous liqueur Vana Tallinn. With its exceptional richness of fl avour and the decades of commitment by masters that have gone into it, this is the velvety magic of French cognac and Vana Tallinn – the art of liqueur for truly exceptional moments.


Vana Tallinn Signature comes in a regal glass bottle that complements the overall style of the Vana Tallinn range. The square shape is inspired by the walls and cobblestones of the Old Town of Tallinn, while the transparent label on the front reveals the legendary city silhouette on the back of the bottle. Vana Tallinn Signature is also available in an open gift box that looks like a picture frame. The result is breath-taking – true liqueur art

Aroma and flavour

Dark brown with a soft red hue, the liqueur has a bouquet of citruses, spices and cognac with hints of caramel that can be felt in its fl avour and aroma. All of this blends into handmade harmony.


Vana Tallinn Signature is perfect served neat or chilled in a liqueur or cognac glass.

Packaging information

Vana Tallinn Signature 40% vol. 500 ml glass, gift box 4 per case