Vana Tallinn Wild Spices


Vana Tallinn is one of the best known brands associated with Estonia. The legendary liqueur has been in continuous production since the 1960s. Vana Tallinn is the Estonian trademark with the largest global distribution network. In short, Vana Tallinn is the world’s most popular Estonian liqueur. The exact recipe of Vana Tallinn is as closely guarded as a state secret. The recipe is handed down only from one liqueur craftsman to the other.


Vana Tallinn Wild Spices is the most fiery edition in our legendary Vana Tallinn series. It’s spicier and less sweet than classic Vana Tallinn. The liqueur’s taste is complemented by warming spices – different peppers, star anise and ginger. Jamaican rum, carefully selected natural spices, honey, citrus peels and fluttering pepper notes give it a unique, zesty flavour.


Vana Tallinn Wild Spices comes in Vana Tallinn’s legendary brown glass bottle, which was inspired by Tallinn’s Old Town towers. The simple and elegant label design is more colourful and detailed than classic Vana Tallinn’s motifs – the label also depicts the most significant spices in the drink


Serve as an ice cold shot.


Vana Tallinn Wild Spices 500 ml 35% vol Packed by 12